Ultimate Engine Cleaning Detergent


Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Ultimate Engine Cleaning Detergent (UECD)

  1. Check oil light has been coming on
  2. Oil not changed regularly
  3. Sludge build up in your oil cap

Why use the Ultimate Engine Cleaning Detergent?

The UECD promotes a more complete drain of used, dirty oil during an oil change by rapidly cleaning your engine. This will extend your engine’s life by reducing wear, removing sludge deposits, and improving oil circulation. A clean running engine is a great way to¬†keep your vehicle green!

The Ultimate Engine Cleaning Detergent Service

  • Your dirty engine oil is drained and the oil filter is replaced
  • Kleen-Rite UECD is added to your engine and circulated for 5 minutes
  • Kleen-Rite UECD is drained and another new oil filter is installed
  • New oil is added to your thoroughly cleaned engine
  • your old engine oil, other fluids and oil filters will be collected and recycled to keep our planet green!