Oil System Treatment


Signs Your Vehicle Needs an Oil System Treatment

  1. Check oil light has been coming on
  2. Oil not changed regularly
  3. Sludge build up in your oil cap

Why Use an Oil System Treatment?

Sludge develops in the engine when your oil breaks down and collects on engine parts – usually because the oil hasn’t been changed often enough. Stop and go driving with short commutes can accelerate this process. It can collect in areas that interfere with normal lubrication, leading to a lubrication failure and catastrophic engine damage. It can also cause the engine to retain more heat, because oil normally functions to absorb and draw heat away from engine parts. Collected sludge will both retain heat and also make the remaining oil less effective at doing this critical job.

The Oil System Treatment Service

  • Oil System Treatment is poured into your engine before the oil change to clean sludge, gum and varnish deposits and restore peak performance
  • The Oil System Treatment and contaminants are drained out of your engine along with your old oil during the oil change
  • This service extends the life of your engine by improving oil circulation which reduces wear
  • A clean running engine is a great way to keep your vehicle green!