Fleet Service

American LubeFast understands that every minute your vehicles are not on the road, it is costing you money. So, your vehicles will be serviced while you wait, that way you will not lose the vehicle all day, like at some service facilities. In an effort to reduce the burdens of costly vehicle repair and downtime, we would like to offer you ourĀ "Total Fleet Care Program".

Your Total Fleet Care package includes:

  • Full Service Oil Change
    • Includes up to 5 qts. of motor oil
    • 14 Point Safety Check
    • Vehicle Service History
  • All Ancillary Services
  • Minor Mechanical Repair

Your Fleet Care package will come with a location flyer so that your drivers will know where to find us. And, your invoice will provide you with a detailed list of all services performed as well as the store contact information.

For more information, please call 888-999-9497 or visit us at https://fullspeedauto.myfleetcenter.com/. If you are ready to join the hundreds of other local and national companies who have vehicles serviced at us every day, you can download a copy of our fleet application . Once completed, simply fax your completed form to 608-836-1739 or email a digital copy to [email protected].